This blog was created just for you.  Here is who we are trying to help:

  • The person struggling with shortness of breath
  • The primary caregiver of a Pulmonary or Lung Cancer patient
  • The medical provider for Pulmonary or Lung Cancer patients

As we build our new blog, our focus is on creating the best content and the most honest answers to the Pulmonary Rehab questions you may have.  What information or topics would you like to discuss ?

We have many topics and items we are going to discuss, here’s just a few:

  • DO NOT buy a Portable O2 Concentrator (POC) until you read our article
  • Why you are short of breath and how to quickly fix it.
  • Correct Oxygen usage…this will surprise you.
  • The REAL reason some Doctors don’t prescribe Pulmonary Rehab.
  • Which exercises should I be doing or not doing?
  • Do I need a Pulse Ox?  Which Pulse Ox should I get?
  • How does weather effect my breathing?
  • For the care givers:  The fine line between enabling and caring.
  • Why do Doctors wait so long to order Pulmonary Rehab?
  • No medication can make up for lack of exercise…MOVE it Charlie!
  • Double lung transplant to 5K…Lisa’s inspirational story.
  • What’s a rescue inhaler, should I have one?
  • My O2 is 95% is that good?
  • I ride a stationary bike is that good?
  • Am I using the correct O2 delivery device?
  • Many, many more…stay tuned!

We look forward to hearing from you.  Please tell us what questions or topics you would like discussed in the comment section below: