Success Stories and Tips

Here’s what other people are saying:


“David, you saved my life. Thank you!”

“ I can now play with my Grandkids.”

“My Mom can now come to my Son’s wedding, thank you so much.”

“I can play golf again”

“Your One on One Pulmonary Rehab program is the only way to go!”

“You have kept me out of the Hospital, for 2 years, thank you!”

“I was able to go on vacation for the first time in years without worrying about my breathing.”

“I could only walk 200 feet when I met you, now I am walking 1/2 mile everyday”

walking results“When you enabled my Husband to climb our stairs for the first time in a  year, I cried tears of joy”

“I’m not using as much oxygen as I was before you helped me.”

“The motivation you give me is excellent, I look forward to my visits every week!”

“I am so grateful to my Doctor for sending me to you.”

“Now that I can exercise without shortness of breath,  I lost 43 pounds”

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