Private Skype Visits

Don’t let weather, or geography stop you from getting the help you need!
TeleMedicine and Pulmonary Rehabilitation is something we have been doing with great success for many years now.

 Whether you want a “peace of mind” consultation to ensure you are doing everything you can to help your breathing, or to schedule weekly pulmonary visits, we can help you in the privacy of your home via Skype.

What is Skype?
Skype is a FREE software program that provides an excellent way of communicating with people at a distance.  Skype allows video connections so the people using it can see and hear each other clearly.  Nothing is recorded or saved from the video call.  For all these reasons it has turned out to be a terrific option for providing guidance and therapy services with clients who are unable to come to the office.  TeleMedicine and Pulmonary Rehabilitation is something we have been doing with great success for many years now.

Getting Skype
Skype is a FREE program which is easily downloaded at the following website:  Just follow the directions on the website.

Or click on our Step by Step Guide below:

What is needed for a Skype session?
In order to use Skype you will need the following:

The Skype software, available free at

  • A high-speed internet connection (either cable or DSL; dial-up is too slow)
  • A webcam with a microphone (or a webcam plus a headset with microphone, unless your computer has a microphone built in). Check your computer as many of the new ones have a built in webcam.

Preparing for the Session
Prior to the session we will add each other to our list of Skype contacts and test out the connection to ensure it is working.

All our Skype sessions are conducted in the privacy of our office.  The door is closed and no one is allowed to enter, in the same way I would conduct a session with you in person.  It is important that you also have a space which is private and where you will not be interrupted during the time we are together.

Session fees are paid prior to the session via Paypal, a secure online payment service.   Please use the button below to prepay for your visits.  We will both receive notification via email that the fee has been paid.

Our session
At the scheduled appointment time you will use the internet to “call” us from your computer.

We will give you an easy to follow plan to help you:
Breathe better, get stronger and live longer!

Each session is approximately 30 minutes long.
You can order a single session or a group of sessions in a money saving bundle.

If you are ready to begin, you can select and order your visit type below:

Pulmonary and Lung Cancer Rehabilitation Visit options: