Lung Cancer Rehabilitation


The biggest item missing from almost ALL Lung Cancer Rehab Program is Pulmonary Rehabilitation…we’ve solved this problem!



We create Survivors!

The old school of thought was that patients should sit and rest. We believe it’s the exact opposite.  “If you rest, you rust.”

Our Lung Cancer Rehab Program will help you get your life back, no matter what your energy and exercise levels are.  If you are experiencing shortness of breath due to Lung Cancer, you truly need the expertise & knowledge that only a Respiratory Therapist can provide.


Breathe Better, Get Stronger and Live Longer!


Only our Lung Cancer Rehabilitation Program offers this:

One on One individualized disease specific Lung Cancer Rehabilitation in which all therapy is directed by a Nationally Board Certified Respiratory Therapist specifically trained in Pulmonary Rehabilitation.

Lower your risk of infection!

If you don’t want to perform your therapy surrounded by strangers, or have an increased risk of infection exposure by being in a group setting, our One on One individualized Lung Cancer Rehabilitation Program is just what you need!

We will work with you twice per week throughout the length of your Lung Cancer Rehab Program. In addition to exercise and education, every visit includes monitoring of your oxygen level, blood pressure, respiratory and heart rates, as well as assessing your lungs. This way your progress is constantly being closely monitored and recorded so that it can be shared with your physician.

Get your life back, start today!

About the Lung Cancer Rehab Program

Our Lung Cancer Rehabilitation Program helps people with Lung Cancer overcome their shortness of breath and physical limitations resulting from their condition. Candidates for the program include patients recovering from an Lung Cancer, acute episodes, people with lung disorders who need conditioning in preparation for surgery, and anyone whose activities are limited by Lung Cancer or chronic lung disease and shortness of breath. Individuals with Lung Cancer who feels he or she could benefit from the program may call to request an evaluation and are then be referred by their physician.

Each patient’s program begins with a comprehensive pulmonary evaluation by clinical experts in pulmonary rehabilitation. Through a carefully planned, integrated and individualized program of supervised physical conditioning, exercise, and educational and nutritional counseling, physical capacity is increased and the patient is empowered to overcome their shortness of breath.

Overview of services

Lung Cancer Rehabilitation Evaluation

A comprehensive Lung Cancer Rehabilitation evaluation is conducted by our team, then an individualized program is developed based on their findings.

Physical Conditioning

People with Lung Cancer often limit physical activity because they are frightened they will become short of breath; lack of activity, however, reduces muscle strength and causes weakness. Our Lung Cancer Rehabilitation Program includes exercises and activities which help participants increase physical capacity and regain control of breathing. By combining exercise with other services patients improve their abilities to carry out activities of daily living with more energy and less difficulty.


Patients are taught a variety of topics:

  • Lung Cancer treatment (pre/post)
  • Pulmonary disease and its management
  • Self-care
  • Breathing techniques
  • Energy conservation
  • Additional strategies to avoid breathlessness
  • Medication indications and usage

Nutrition Counseling

Shortness of breath can hinder the ability to eat a proper diet. The type of foods and especially the amount eaten can contribute to increased shortness of breath. Consultations are available to assist patients with specific problems attributed to nutrition and Lung Cancer.

Psychological Services

Fear, anger, anxiety and frustration often accompany Lung Cancer. To help patients and their families overcome these feelings psychological consultations are provided on a referral basis.

Support Group

The American Lung Association Better Breathers Club is a free monthly support group for people with Lung Cancer & Pulmonary conditions. They can benefit through attending the meetings by:

  • Receiving ongoing educational programs consistent with the education needs or individuals living with Lung Cancer & Pulmonary conditions like their own.
  • Socializing with individuals who have similar needs in a supportive environment in which persons can learn from one another, thereby helping others adapt to living with chronic illness.
  • Meeting new people who understand their breathing problems.

Our Better Breathers Club meets on the last Wednesday of every month, with multiple sessions throughout the day.  Demand is quite high, so reservations are required.

At Home Program

The development of an at home independent concurrent exercise regime is key to the success of our Lung Cancer Rehabilitation Program. Participants learn to handle their individualized “at home plan” prior to discharge. Follow up sessions afford participants to the opportunity to correct exercise form and to have questions answered before problems become overwhelming.


Outcomes expected at the completion of the program are:

  • Decreased shortness of breath
  • Enhanced quality of life
  • Reduced number of hospitalizations
  • Decreased respiratory symptoms and complications
  • Improved physical conditioning
  • Better self-management of a patient’s Lung Cancer and increased control of daily functioning
  • Improved emotional well-being
  • Promotion and development of healthy eating habits
  • Increased compliance of medications

Get your life back, start today!