Our Internship Program

Pulmonary Rehab Interns 2017

If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life!

Only the best!

We select only the best, brightest and most caring candidates to participate in our Healthcare Internship Program.  Empathy, gratitude and the desire to make deeper connections with people are the common threads that exemplify the character traits of our amazing team.


Quick fact:
Our Internship program is so highly valued for providing direct Patient care experience, Quinnipiac University refers their Physician Assistant students to train with us.

Direct Patient engagement for P.A. and Medical School

Under the supervision of our board certified medical staff, this unique Internship opportunity offers candidates the ability to interact directly with patients.  Interns assist Patients with all aspects of their therapy sessions as well as obtaining vital signs, lung sounds and helping create ongoing care plans.  Interns also learn the importance of working as part of a high level healthcare team.

This level of direct Patient care, teamwork and nurturing atmosphere allows Interns to learn how to properly practice medicine.  Utilizing  an advanced level of critical thinking has made this one of the most sought after Internships in the area.

In addition to learning many aspects of the clinical arena, Interns are taught many administrative duties which make them ideal candidates for Physician Assistant and Medical schools.


How to apply: