Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions and answers:


Does Pulmonary Rehabilitation Associates, LLC accept Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s)?
Yes, we accepts HSA’s!

Does Pulmonary Rehabilitation Associates, LLC accept insurance?
No we do not accept insurance, here’s why:
• Insurance reimbursement to credentialed Pulmonary Rehab providers has decreased an average of 75% in the last 5 years.
• As of 2010, Medicare guidelines stated that you can only receive Pulmonary Rehab once in your lifetime.
• Many diagnoses including Lung Cancer are not eligible for Pulmonary Rehab
• Insurance states you must have a Moderate to Severe Lung condition
• Low blood oxygen level is not a factor to be eligible for Pulmonary Rehab
• The number of visits allowed by Medicare and other insurance companies are usually far less than most people need, therefore you are discharged too soon and too many patients regress quickly.
• We do not believe in allowing insurance companies to dictate the amount of time spent helping you, or compromising your individualized treatment plan.


How much money should I invest to be able to get my life back?
Cost is a relative term. Please consider this:
• How much have you spent on all the other treatments you tried, that didn’t work?
• How much longer can you go on suffering with shortness of breath?
• What is the cost of missing out on doing the things you really used to enjoy?
• How much are you comfortable paying to identify the real causes of your breathing problems?
• How much is it worth to you, to be taught how to fix your breathing yourself?
• Is your breathing costing you money through loss of work?
• If someone told you that you could be breathing freely for a certain dollar amount, what would that amount be?
• How much would it be worth to lessen or even eliminate your supplemental oxygen usage?

 Most patients tell us that over the years they have spent thousands of dollars on treatments that didn’t work, yet they are still having difficulty breathing…until they came to us!

 How long will it take me to see/feel results?

I know it is hard to believe but many of our patients have experienced remarkable results right away. The very first day you do these simple breathing exercises you will feel a difference. Results will vary from patient to patient, and much of this is due to the frequency and diligence you have with your exercise menu.


How much time should I invest to be able to get my life back?
On average, plan on devoting anywhere from 20-45 minutes/day exercising independently to help you get less short of breath.


What is the benefit of doing my exercises on a daily basis?
“Only brush and floss the teeth you want to keep” is a quote from one of our friends that is a Dentist. This statement resonates with Pulmonary Rehabilitation Associates, LLC because our patients are educated about proper breathing and believe that doing their menu of corrective exercises everyday will save their lungs, heart, bones, joints, muscles… Your whole body benefits!


Will I feel any soreness in my body as I get stronger?
Define sore? Pain is not soreness…pain is pain! You may encounter what we call “muscle awakening” and your discomfort should diminish the more times your exercise menu is finished. Don’t worry…it is completely normal and it is well worth it in the long run.


How long is the Pulmonary Rehab Stage 1 program?
Patient’s sign up for Twice/week for 15 weeks then have the option of continuing Twice/week or maintaining Once/week to prevent regression.  Please remember this is a process and an investment in your health.


How long is the Pulmonary Rehab Stage 2 program?
After completing Phase 1, patients then have the option of continuing Twice/week or Once/week to maintain their improved state of health and most importantly to prevent regression.  Please remember this is a process and an investment in your health.


Why do I have to pre-pay for my visits?
Since your success at becoming breathing free is based upon how diligent you are in doing your exercises, it has been our experience that when people pre-pay they are 100% committed to their daily exercise menu. This helps create the best possible outcomes for you.


What should I bring and/or wear to my appointment?
Please bring a water bottle and wear loose, comfortable workout clothes and sneakers.  Also, dress in layers.


Will I have to purchase expensive equipment to complete my therapy?
No. Most of the equipment used to perform your exercises can be found around your house, or inexpensively purchased.


How can I get a FREE visit?
Refer Refer Refer!! If you refer four people that come in for a paid visit, you receive a FREE visit, it’s that easy!


What types of payment methods do you accept?
We accept cash, or check or credit cards.